Celebrities?….I thought so..





As i pass along a street in Mandaue City, Cebu. I noticed these three dogs each sitting on chair, they were smiling and had some glasses on. I thought they were celebrities. I just couldn’t help but laugh.

Miag-ao, a small town in Ilo-ilo with vast culture and tradition


Miag-ao church, a UNESCO world heritage site

Side view of Miag-ao church

Side view of Miag-ao church

The sculpture on the facades which indicates the   the Tree of Life, which is the coconut treeThe sculpture on the facades which indicates the the Tree of Life, which is the coconut tree

We (with my dear wife, Riann) were in the downtown of Iloilo City and it was almost noon when we started to embark on a jeepney going to a small municipality in the province of Iloilo called Miag-ao and  according to the locals, the town is about 40 kms away and an hour jeepney ride.  We had a smooth ride considering the distance because it wasn’t boring at all, we pass along nice and pleasant scenes along the way and we enjoyed much of our co-riders in the jeepney plus the excitment was also rushing through my mind as well.  As we arrived at the site,  I then wasted no time and got my camera and tripod ready as we were very excited to see church.  The view was breath taking, the facade was that a work of a genius.  You could see the mixture of culture and religion upon looking at the facade of the church.  I am so proud to be one of breed of generations from vast Filipino culture and tradition.  The upper portion of the church’s facade indicated the sculptures that depicted the lives of the early Filipino natives.  A coconut tree was being emphasized in the sculpture, for it represents the tree of life for those early Filipino natives Continue reading

back to work


After almost seven days of wandering (and we call that “suroy-suroy” in cebuano) around panay island together with my wife, now I’m back to work and it seems that i don’t feel like working today (sigh).  Well, i have to do this, there is nothing i can do about it.

Snap out of it! I then realized that I’m now in the reality of our daily life, I’m not in dreamland anymore.  I am done facing and capture those marvelous site and scenic views from Iloilo, Guimaras and Bacolod with stress free exploration and away from the yelling from my boss. (not now….hehehe).  Now I am facing these paper works and should be able to finish these tasks of mine.  Not only these papers could make or break my day but also with my boss who thinks she is a goddess….hahahaha…(shhhh, don’t fret or else I am dead..).  So inspite of all these things, we should know how to overcome stress, and it’s up to us how to do that.   Good day everyone!